Hanja 2.1 up!

Hanja 2.1 for iOS has just been submitted to Apple. We added support for 4″ screens.

Hanja 2.1 pour iOS vient d’être soumis à Apple. Nous avons rendu l’application compatible avec les écrans 4 pouces.

Hanja in maintenance / Hanja en réparation

We are aware that Hanja has a display problem with Flash Cards under iOS 7. We are working on the issue and should be able to submit an update this week.

Nous sommes conscients que les Flash Cards de Hanja ont un problème d’affichage sous iOS 7. Nous y travaillons et devrions soumettre une mise à jour cette semaine.

English version released

Hanja in English was released yesterday evening. It now is available worldwide in both French and English.

Translation complete!

The whole database has been translated and it has been reviewed. The rich appendices also have been translated and the binary will be submitted on Monday, November 5th. Expect roughly ten days until availability on the App Store.